About Us

Milis Express

Established in (Year), Milis Express is a professional logistics management company that provides tailormade freight brokerage and dispatching services throughout the USA. Headquartered in (Location) . MIlis Express is a Logistics company that specializes in providing over the road dedicated Freight Brokerage Services to move all types of freights for shippers and consignees by partnering with qualified Carriers. We are also providing top-notch Freight dispatching services in the form of a dynamic workforce to the trucking companies (owner-operators and small/large fleets), which can manage all sorts of business operations such as shifting schedules, rate negotiations,
and back-end operation.

Meet The (Owner)

(Owner name) is the owner and operator of Milis Express. He started this logistics company in (Year) with the aim to provide cost-effective, economical, and valued brokerage and dispatching solutions. Working in the logistics and trucking industry as an experienced dispatcher and freight brokerage agent was his dream that has come true in the form of Milis Express Making this logistics company an industry leader in terms of brokerage and dispatching services is his vision. MIlis Express is thriving continuously thanks to its experienced staff, innovative methods, and valuable professional relationship with the clients.

Whether you are a customer, shipper, consignee, carrier, or anyone between, you will always feel that you are our number one priority. We are established with the sole intention of building lasting relationships and generating revenue for your company. We are dedicated to consistently providing high-quality satisfaction by rendering excellent service and building valued relationships.

We have a wide network of qualified and hand-selected Carriers who can move your product to and from anywhere in the country. You can be assured that your goods and freights will be delivered on time without any damage. Our Carriers are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are reliable and safe to provide you with the best freight delivery services. From the loading of your freight and finding the best carrier for it to the delivery and unloading process, everything is our responsibility. We will evaluate Carriers to select the best one for you with reasonable rates . Our Freight Broker Agents will monitor your shipments throughout the transportation process to ensure their scheduled delivery. We are responsible for maintaining compliance with the safe and secure deliveries of your shipments.

America’s Most Dedicated Truck Dispatching Services To Save You Both Time And Money

We're Not Looking For Clients; We're Looking For Partners! Your Success Is Our Success!

We have highly qualified and experienced freight dispatchers who play a crucial role in managing the fleet of our valuable clients. They provide help and support 24/7 to minimize the gap between operators, clients, and drivers. Completing your dispatch in a hassle-free manner by the seamless commute is one of our core responsibilities.

Our Freight Dispatching services are equally suitable for owner-operators, carriers, and small/large fleets. We also understand small-scale business and their necessity to grow. For this reason, our dispatchers provide special help and assistance to the small motor carriers who are aiming to establish their businesses. We assure you that Milis Express will provide a strong foundation for your trucking business, on which it will flourish in the trucking industry.

Milis Express has an experienced staff and carrier network that can handle all types of freights for you and get them shipped on time at a fair price. Our Dispatch Services are specially designed to make your business flourish in the industry.