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Freight Brokerage Services

Are you looking for trucking services and capacity options to move your freight fast and safely? Milis Express is the best option for you. We have a vast network of highly qualified and specialized Carriers to meet all your freight transportation needs. Being highly successful in this role, we ensure your freight will safely reach its destination on time and budget.

Milis Express works on three principles: Logistics, Capacity, and Peace of Mind. We have built strong relationships with the best Carriers out there to move your freight efficiently and reliably.

Why Our Freight Brokerage Services Are Best For You?

Freight Dispatching Services

As professional freight dispatchers, we take care of all your deliveries from scheduling to completion. Our experienced freight dispatchers are available 24/7 for your support. They will locate freight, transfer necessary paperwork to shippers and provide essential help and support until the load is delivered. For providing high-quality dispatching services to our clients, MIlis Express comes fully equipped with the latest technology in the telemarketing and call center corporation. Our dispatchers stay in contact with truck drivers throughout freight deliveries to avoid any possible delay in the process. You have nothing to worry about as we take care of all your business operations on your behalf.

We Can Move All Types Of Freights Across Modes

At Milis Express, we have customized freight brokerage solutions to move all major freights, thanks to the strong partnership with highly qualified nationwide Carriers. We help move full truckloads with equipment Van Reefer, Step Deck, and Flatbed. 

Our Freight Dispatchers Perform The Following Logistics Management Tasks On Your Behalf :